Once a KPI has been created and Linked User(s) have been set against the KPI, then those Linked Users will receive email requests to send in their relevant KPI Measurements for that period.  These emails will be sent based upon the KPI's Recording Frequency value (i.e. Weekly, Monthly, etc.).

If a KPI measurement email is not acted upon, then a reminder email will be sent again until the measurement has been received.  The frequency of these reminders is maintained in your Account Configuration, using the option of 'Days to wait before sending Measurement reminder'.

Fig 1: Measurement Reminder Setting

The Linked User will complete the measurement details within the email form and return.  Once received, the Measurement details will be loaded back in as a new record into the KPI in the Measurement tab (at the bottom of the KPI record). The solution will then use these Measurement values to calculate if it has 'Passed' or 'Failed' its Performance Target.

Fig 2 - KPI Measurement tab

Entering a KPI Measurement

Optionally, the User can enter Measurements manually into a KPI.

Navigate to -> KPI's -> Open required KPI record - > Measurement tab -> Click [New]

Fig 3 - Entering a KPI Measurement

  • Recording Date - Date when the recording is taken (defaults to today's date)
  • Period - Set the Year and <Recording Frequency> period the measurement is for
  • Value - Select if there is a measurement for this period or not - if yes, then enter the Measurement details
  • Narrative - Enter any supporting comments with regards to the Measurement
  • Click [Save]