The nominated Key User for your Intelligentcontract account is an important role. The Key User has following responsibilities:

- Billing. All aspects of billing including changing the payment method, increasing, decreasing user licences and cancelling the account

- Authorising Data Changes. If there are changes to be made to the data, user records (e.g. disabling a User)

- Key Point of Contact. If we need to contact you about your account or your data (for example, if there is a prolonged outage, planned maintenance windows, key updates to the service) we will communicate with the Key User. In the rare situation where we have detected a data breach, we will also contact the Key User.

- Requesting General Assistance. If you need us to investigate an issue such as unauthorised access or any other security, user or data query (excluding general support queries) then we will only take this instruction from the currently nominated Key User

What if the Key User Details Change?

You are able to update the details we hold about the Key User, by logging as the Key User and updating the person records such as their new contact number or email address

If the current Key User needs to be changed to another person, then the current Key User can nominate a new Key User. This article explains how to complete this:

If your Key User is no longer available in your organisation and you need to nominate a new Key User, and you have access to their email Inbox then you can user the Forgotten password link ion the login page, a email link will be sent to the Key Users inbox and you can reset the password, log in as them and then nominate a new Key User.

If you do not have access to the current Key Users Inbox then we have a special offline process. The process is as follows:

1.  Raise a new ticket on the helpdesk. In the description of your issue please explain you no longer have access to the current Key User account and wish to nominate a new Key User. Please also include the name of the organisation on the account and, if possible, your Customer ID (which starts IC)

2.  On the ticket please also upload a scan of a letter on headed paper. The headed paper must match the name of the organisation on your account. 

3. The letter should request the change of Key User on your Intelligentcontract account. Please name both the existing Key User and the new Key User

4. The letter should be signed by a Director of the organisation (or equivalent)

5. Please also include a telephone contact on the letter so we are able to validate the identity of the person named in the letter

Once we receive your request we aim to complete the change within 2 working days.