Intelligentcontract provides the facility to be able to login using your Google or Office365 accounts. As a user you are able to link your google/office 365 account to your intelligentcontract account so that each time when you login you are able to use either your google/office 365 login to gain access to intelligentcontract. 

TIP: As an administrator, you are also able to restrict access and force users to login using just their google or office365 login (and not the regular intelligentcontract login) if required. This will allow you to managae your organisation wide user list within office365 or google. 

TIP: Although the service is labelled Office365, you are also able to use this service to link your Azure AD account with your intelligentcontract account. In addition, we also offer OneLogin as a login option. Onelogin allow integration with an on premises Microsoft active directory. More information about onelogin can be found here: One Login

Linking Your intellligentcontract account to Google or Office365

Intelligentcontract will allow you to link any existing Office 365 or Google account to intelligentcontract to allow to login to intelligentcontract using this login rather than your regular intelligentcontract login.  

To link an account, access the My Settings area via the Profile icon, choose the option of ‘Manage My Linked Login Accounts.

Fig 1 - Manage My Linked Login Accounts

Select the activation button [Link to my Account] on the appropriate option.  

Fig 2 - Choose an account to link to

You will be presented with a new screen for you to select the appropriate Office 365 or Google account, please note that if you are not already logged into any of these accounts it will ask you to first login.

Fig 3 - Select existing office 365 or Google account

Once you have selected the corresponding Office 365 or Google account, the screen will close and the activation button text will change to [Unlink this Account]

Fig 4 - Linked account

To unlink an account, navigate to the Manage Linked Login Accounts area again and press [Unlink this Account]

Signing In using Google/Office365

Now when you access the intelligentcontract Sign In page, you can just click on the corresponding ‘Sign in with….’ Option and you will be logged into intelligentcontract without having to enter you Username and Password.

Fig 5 - Sign in options

Creating a new account using your Google/Office365 Login


If you press the ‘Sign in with….’ option before linking an account to intelligentcontract, the below screen will be displayed.  This is because intelligentcontract cannot find a link between your IC account and your existing Office 365 or Google account.  If you press [Create New Account] then you will sent to the main register page to create a new intelligentcontract account.

Fig 6 - Registering a new intelligentcontract Account

If you already have an existing intelligent contract account, please [Cancel] this screen and Sign In to your existing intelligentcontract as normal using your intelligentcontract username and password, then proceed to the My Setting area and proceed as above to link your Office 365 or Google account.