The values held within a Summary screen can be sorted to present the records in a particular order, alphabetically, numerically and date wise.  To activate this just hover your mouse to the right of any column header and two arrows will appear.

Fig 1 - Sorting arrows

Click the arrow to sort the data, clicking again will sort the data in the opposite order.

Fig 12- Sorting the Summary screen

This will allow you, for example, to sort by 'Status', when first pressed the records will be presented as:

  • Active
  • Draft
  • Due
  • Expired
  • Future

If pressed again they will be presented as:

  • Future
  • Expired
  • Due
  • Draft
  • Active

You can only sort by one column at a time.  When you have selected a sorting option, the summary screen will stay in that order unless you select another column to sort by.

The records will sort depending or the values held within the column that you are sorting by. The first press will sort the data ascending, the second press will sort descending.

Column Value
First Press
Second Press
A - Z
Z - A
Text and Number
A0 - Z99999
Z99999 - A0
0 - 99999
99999 - 0
Earliest Date
Latest Date
Date Range
Earliest Date within the Range(s)
Latest Date within the Range(s)

TIP: any records that have values missing will be presented as the earliest value i.e. higher than A or 0 so will always be presented first or last dependant or the sorting order