The intelligentcontract List functionality allows you to manually or automatically add multiple predefined Alerts, Tasks, People and Contract Document records to new or existing Contract, Party or People records in one action.

You can create templates of Alerts, Tasks, Documents or People records that can be automatically applied instead of manually adding one by one, the List functionality allows the system to create this records for you in one action.

Creating a List

Navigate to: Configuration => Automation => Lists

Fig 1 - List option in Configuration

The List summary screen will display any existing lists that you already have, to create a new List press [New]

Fig 2 - List summary screen

Give your list a Name and then click on 'Applies to' here you will have 3 options, Contract, Person and Party.

Fig 3 - Applies to option

The option that you select here will determine the Template Types that are offered to you.  If you select 'Contract' then you will be offered all the Template Types available to be applied to a Contract record.  The Party and People Template options are restricted accordingly.

Fig 4 -Template Types

What Templates to include in a List?

A List will contain all the Templates that you with to apply to a particular record.  

Singular Template List

If you specify a singular Template Type i.e. Alert Template, only those Template Types can be added to the List, when the Template Type is selected and the List record is saved then the associated tab will appear for you to start creating Templates.

Fig 5 - Singular Template Lists

Multiple Template List

If you wish to have a List that contains multiple Templates i.e. Alerts, Tasks, People and Documents then leave the Template Type field blank, when the List record is saved then all tabs will be present for you to add Templates to them.

Fig 6 - Multiple Template Lists

In this type of List you do not have to add Templates to all the tabs, this option is if you wish to add multiple Lists in the same action. It is advised that you name the List appropriately so that it is obvious to the User that multiple Templates are included in the List.

If this List is selected and applied then it will create all the records according to the Templates it contains, please note that when applying this type of List you cannot pick which Templates in the List to apply, the system will apply them all.

If you have instances where you would only want to apply for example the Alerts from this List then these should be created as separate List and that List applied instead.  If you have applied a List in error then the records can always be deleted from the record and the correct List applied again instead.

Note: The creation of the Templates are detailed in the other articles in this section.

Once all your Lists are created then they can be added to the associated record either manually or automatically.

Manually applying a List

If you have Automation Rules set in place to apply Lists, then the Lists you have created will automatically apply when a new record is created and saved.  If you do not use Automation, then you can manually apply Lists to a record after it has been created.

Note: Click here for more information regarding List Automation

After a new record is saved then there are two ways to manually apply Lists.

Individual Entity Lists

You can add each List based upon the entity (i.e. Alert, People, Task, Document) by using the tabs at the bottom of the screen. To manually apply a List to the record, click on the relevant tab and press the [...] button to the right of the screen. Here you will see an option to apply a List.

Fig 7 - Add List Option from tabs

When you select the option, a pop up will appear, allowing you to select the appropriate List to apply. You can select one or more Lists.  Once you click [Apply] the system will generate the required records using the Templates and populate them in the tab.

Fig 8 - Select List to apply

Fig 9 - Record Creation

Repeat this action for People, Alerts, Tasks and Documents until all your List records are generated. It is recommended that you create your Contract People List records first so they are in place when your Alert and Task List records are created.

If for any reason the system cannot create a record, an error will appear informing you of the reason why. In the below example, the system was trying to create an Alert set to trigger 3 months before the Contract End Date. However, the Contract did not have an End Date as it is a recurring Contract, so the record could not be created.

Fig 10 - Error creating List records

Multiple Entity Lists

If you wish to add multiple Lists at one time to a record then in the [...] option on the top right of the record you will have the option of 'Add entities from a List'

Fig 11 - Multiple List option

When selected you will be offered all the appropriate Lists for that record that can be applied in the drop down list, You can select multiple Lists in this field.

Fig 12 - Multiple List selection

If you wish to see the actual Templates contained within the List then you can click on the magnifying glass next to the drop down which will give you a more detailed view, select the lists by using the checkbox and then press [OK].

Fig 13 - Find List screen

The Lists you have selected will be populated in the field.

Fig 14 - Selection from Find screen

Once you are happy with your List selection then press [Apply] the system will generate all your records for you in the associated tabs.  As previously mentioned if any records could not be created then the system will give you an error message telling you why the record would not be created.

Fig 15 - Created records

Manual creation of Alerts, Tasks, People and Documents from Lists are all created as above, and can be created at any time during the life cycle of a Contract and Party Record.

For information on how to apply Lists using Automation please refer to these articles.