When you create an Alert, there is an option to add Attachments to the record.

This means that when the Alert email is generated, the recipient will receive the Alert email. Within it, the attachment(s) will be there for them to review directly within the email.

Please be aware although that there is no limit on the size or quantity of the File(s) that you attach to an Alert record, there IS a limit on the size of the attachment(s) that can be sent within the actual Alert email.

If you upload a single or number of attachments that exceed the file size of 6mb, then although the Alert email notification will still go out to its intended recipients, the attachment(s) will not be available in the email.

When you create an Alert and your attachment(s) have exceeded this limit, you will be informed in the Alert record.

Fig 1 - File size Alert warning

If the user wishes to view these files, then they will need to log into their intelligentcontract account and view the attachment(s) directly from the Alert record.

Recuring Alerts with Attachments

If you have a recurring Alert that has an attachments, when that alert is completed and the next is generated a copy of the attachment will also be on the new Alert.

If you do not wish you Recurring Alerts to carry forward this attachment to new Alerts, there is an option in the Configuration areas that can prevent this.

Navigate to: Configuration => General Configuration => Manage Account Configuration

Fig 2 - Recur Alerts with attachments

Default of the setting is 'Yes' , switch to No to prevent Attachments automatically carrying over to new Recurring Alerts