When you log into your brand new trial or paid intelligentcontract account, you will have no data displayed.

To help you understand the features of you intelligentcontract account, you can load a set of sample data to help you take a look around and see how data is created, displayed and linked.

When you first come into your account, the Contract Summary screen will contain no data and will have a message offering you to load this sample data.  

Click on the green [Load Sample Data] button or the yellow option on the black navigation bar.

If you do not wish to load sample data, then press the [Create my first Contract] button, and a new Contract record will open for you to complete.

Fig 1 - Load sample data option

Note: The option to Load sample data is only available when your account initially contains no Contract records - if you create you own data then the option to load sample data will be removed.

When you click on the Load Sample data option, the below pop up will appear detailing the type of information that will be loaded. Click on [Create Sample Data] to process.

Fig 2 - Sample Data information

The loading process will take a few minutes. When complete, you will see a confirmation message saying the data has been loaded.

Fig 3 - Loaded Data Confirmation

You can see the records in your Contract, People, Party and Alert summary screens and can open all records to view the full record and linked data.

Fig 4 - Sample data loaded

Note: The data that is loaded is for a fictitious company.

Note: If you subsequently delete this sample data, then it cannot be loaded again.

Note: If you create a trial account and then adjust any of the configuration i.e. values sets, fields etc then the Sample Data becomes invalid and cannot be loaded.  If you do wish to Load the Sample Data after you have made changes, you can Factory Reset your account to wipe any configuration changes you may have made, after reset you will be then able to load the Sample Data.