A new tab called 'Transaction' has been introduced to the Task feature.

Fig 1 - Task Transaction Tab

Each Transaction created will log changes to a Task such as its Status and Assigned Person. The Date, Time, Status, and User will be logged as part of the Transaction record. 

The Transaction tab will display various fields in columns to enable Users to to see what was updated in the Task and when.

Field NameDescription
IDID reference for each Transaction recorded
TypeThe Type of Transaction record created:
'Created' - Initial Task Creation
'Assigned' - when the Task is subsequently assigned to another Person
'Status Changed' - eg. from 'New' to 'Complete'
ValueThe value of the updated Task record

If the Assigned Person is changed then the Value will be the new Persons name i.e. Judy Weeks

If the Status of the Task is changed then the Value will be the new Status i.e. Complete
Date/TimeDate and Time the transaction was created
Task age when Transaction createdThis is the age of the overall Task (in minutes) each time a Transaction is created.

Each time a new Transaction is created this number will increase as the Task get older.
Transaction age when CompleteThis is the age (in minutes) of THIS Transaction when the overall Task has been set to Complete
Transaction age when next Assigned This is the age (in minutes) of THIS Transaction when the overall Task is Assigned to a new Person
Transaction age when Status next updatedThis is the age (in minutes) of THIS Transaction when the overall Task changes its status.


Each Transaction will allow you to monitor and Report on such aspects as:

  • How long did each of my Tasks take to Complete?
  • How long did Assigned Person xyz take to Complete a Task?
  • How long do my Tasks stay in 'Open' status
  • How long after a Task is re-assigned does it take to Complete?

The table below provides an example set of Transactions as they could flow through the lifecycle of a Task from Created to Complete.





Task age when Transaction 


Transaction age when status next updated

Transaction age when next assigned

Transaction age when complete

May-05-2020 08:00 

Status Created


0 mins

30 mins

2 hrs

5 hr 30min

May-05-2020 08:00 



0 mins

30 mins

2 hrs

5 hr 30min

May-05-2020 08:30 

Status Changed


30 mins

5 hrs

1 hr 30min

4 hrs

May-05-2020 10:00 

Assigned Changed


2 hrs

3 hr 30min

0 mins

3 hr 30 mins

May-05-2020 13:30 

Status Changed


5 hrs 30

0 mins

0 mins

0 mins



Current Date/time May-05-2020 18:00  


In order to support complex Reporting, each time a Task is assigned to a new person or its status is changed, a Transaction is created which can then be reported upon.

These fields are available in the Task Data-Set and can be used in your report as all fields for Display, Filtering and Sorting.

Fig 2 Task Transactions in Reporting