Once you have uploaded a Document to a Document record, if it is in a format conducive to Open Office then it can be edited online.

Once you open a Document record each document that is attached to the record is displayed, the current version number, the last updated date and time is displayed.

Fig 1 - Existing Document record

Each attachment will have a [...] option at the end, click this icon to see a drop down list of options that you can choose in relation to this document.

Fig 2 - Edit options

Editing Options

Download - Download a copy of the document 

This option will download the current version to your devise.

Edit - Edit your existing version online

This option will open up the document as a full page for editing. Your intelligentcontract session will be locked until you press [Save and Close], whilst saving you will see the locked message, please do not refresh your browser at this time as your document will be lost.

Fig 3 - Editing a Document

Fig 4 - Session Locked

As well as locking your session, the system will also lock the document out for others to view, if another User opens the same record, the file that is opened will be displayed with a padlock icon at the end, if you hover over this padlock it will display who has the document locked for editing and for how long.

Fig 5 - Document locked

Once your edited document has been uploaded you will be prompted to select a new version number.  All new Documents Initial version is 1 and the system will automatically increment, press [Save] if you are happy with the next version number.

Fig 6 - Saving an edited document

You can adjust the version number to another format if required, for example, change 2 to 1.1 instead.  If this is done then the next time the document is edited the system will recognise your version format and increment accordingly i.e. next version will be 1.2.  Comments can also be added to give a summary of the changes if required.

Once saved your updated document will be saved to the record, and the updated version number will be displayed in the filename.

Fig 7 - Updated version and date

Rename - Rename your document

This option will allow you to rename the document if required.  As this Rename may result in the version number updating you also have the option to change the version number at the same time.  Comments can be added to record the reason why the Rename was done.

Fig 8 - Renaming a file

Replace - Replace your document for another

This option is you to fully replace the attached document with another if required.  You can either create a new online document, add one from your device or pick an existing one up from your Library.  

As this change may result in the version number updating you also have the option to change the version number at the same time.  Comments can be added to record the reason why the replace was done.

Fig 9 - Replacing a file

Email - Email this Document out

This option allows you to email a copy of this document to another person, this can be either internal or external to intelligentcontract, but they must have a Person record already created.

  • Use the 'People' drop down list or the 'Find' magnifying glass to display all the People that can be selected.
  • Add a Note to the email - this text will appear in the body of the email
  • Press [Send] to send the email and attachment.

Fig 10 - Emailing a file

Delete - Delete a file from the record

This option allows you to remove a document from the record if required

Version History - View previous versions

This option allows you to view previous versions of the document, the pop up will display all versions that have been added plus any of the Comments that have been added.

The [...] option at the end of each row will give a few options such as:

Restore a previous version - if you do restore then this will be given a new version

View a previous version - none editable

Download a previous version

Fig 11 - Version History

There will be some filetypes that you will not be able to view as they are not files that are available in Open Office, you will however have the option to download and view them if required.

The filetypes that you are able to view are:

doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, txt, csv, odt, rtf, odp, ods

All other filetypes cannot be viewed but can be downloaded.

Note: All changes to any of the documents are captured in the audit trail, download, rename, replace, edit, delete, email, restore are all classed as an update to the Document record and are recorded as such.

Controlling the Edit Options

All the editing options listed in the Attachment [...] feature can be controlled by a switch in the Account Configuration area.

Navigate to: Configuration => Manage Account Configuration => Attachment Options

Fig 12 - Edit Attachment Options

By default all options are ticked and displayed for selection, untick any option that you wish to remove.