Creating a Contract Person List will allow you to create a number of Contract People templates that can be automatically or manually applied to a Contract record in one action rather than manually creating them one by one.

Select the option of 'Contract People List' from the Configuration screen.

The List Summary View screen will display any existing Lists that you have created. To create a new List, press the [New] button on the top right to open up a new List record.

Give the List a 'Name' and select what feature the List should 'Apply To'. The current options within the drop down list are Contract, People and Party. 

Note: People Templates are only available for Contract

Select the Template Type of 'Contract Person Template' and press [Save] 

Fig 1 - Contract People List record

Tabs will appear at the bottom of the form. 

This is where you can now create all your specific Contract People Templates. In the [Person] tab, press [New] to open up a new Template record.  The Template form displayed will reflect your current layout for Contract People Links including any custom or mandatory fields.

Fig 2 - Contract people Template Form

Complete the Templates as you would normally create a Contract Person Link record. 

[Save] the record and add more Templates to the List if required.