Once your contract Template has been created then you can use it to generate a Document

Contract templates will only be offered when in the Contract Document tab

When you are in a Contract record, click on the Documents tab and press [New] to create a new Contract Document record. In the Attachment field, click on the [Add File] button and a drop down will appear listing all attachment options, Choose the Word Document option.

Fig 1 - Contract Document record

You will be presented with a pop up with all the available Templates that you have created in your account, select the option of 'Contract Templates' and all your Contract Templates will be listed below, you can use the search bar to find your Template if required.

Fig 2 - Templates selection

Click on your Template to select it.  If your Contract Template does NOT contain any placeholders then your document will be displayed in a new web browser session.

Fig 3 - Document from template with no Placeholders

If your selected Templated does have Placeholders then before your Document can be generated the system will ask you to provide the values that should be inserted for each Placeholder.

A pop up will display listing all the Placeholders found in your Document, here you can enter each value.

The value that you enter for each Placeholder will be populated in its place, for example every location in the Template where [[PARTY A]] has been mentioned it will be replaced with the value you enter in the PARTY A field, in this case it will replace with the value of 'ABC Ltd'.  This will happen throughout the Document where the Placeholder [[PARTY A]] is found.

Fig 4 - Placeholder value entry

If you do not enter a value then the Document will generate with the Placeholder value displayed within the square brackets i.e. [[PARTY A]].

Enter all your Placeholder values and press [Generate Document].

The Document will open in a new web browser, all Placeholders you have provided a value for will be replaced, the example below has them highlighted in yellow for information.

Fig 5 - Generated Document from a Contract Template

The Editor is provided for you to be able to make any final adjustments to your Document.

Whilst the Document is open you can add more Clauses if required.  The panel to the left in the editor lists all the Clauses you have in your Library, they are listed by Clause name, and when clicked will open up to show all the Alternate Clauses.

Click on the Clause you require and it will populate in the document where your cursor is.

Fig 6 - Adding Clauses to a Document

Note: Any adjustments made will NOT filter back to the Contract Template, any permanent adjustments must be made to the Template itself.

Complete your document and then close the browser window, you will be prompted back to intelligentcontract to give your new Document a filename, complete and press [Save].

Fig 7 - Naming a new Document

When [Save] is pressed the pop up will close and the Document will then populate in your Contract Document record, complete the record and press [Save].  Your Document record will now appear in the Contract Document tab.

Fig 8 - Document inserted into a record