intelligentcontract has a Notification area where notices will be presented for your information.

The bell icon at the top right of the screen will alert you to new unread notifications via a red circle with a number, this will tell you how many unread notifications you have.

Fig 1 - Notification Icon

All email Notifications such as Alerts will trigger as normal, this is an added Notification area so you can see at a glance what is happening in your account in relation to yourself. 

Notifications can be for various actions that have been created, such as a Task is assigned to you, Approval is requested, Alert has been triggered, you have been added to a Collaboration etc.

Additional Notifications that do not trigger an email but will be useful to know will be presented, such as you have been added/removed from a Contract, Automations have been triggered, a Document has been removed etc.

You can access the Notifications by clicking on the bell icon, a panel will slide open displaying all your Notifications.

Fig 2 - Notification Panel

All unread Notifications will be highlighted in green, you can 'read' the Notification by clicking on the record, this will take you to the area that concerns the Notification i.e. if you have received a Notification about a Task assigned to you, clicking on the record will take you to that Task.

You can mark all Notifications as 'read' by clicking on the 'eye' icon at the top of the panel, the red circle on the bell icon will be removed until the next Notification is triggered.

Fig 3 - Mark as Read Icon

You can delete Notifications individually by clicking on the bin next to each record, the red circle on the bell icon will be reduce in number until the next Notification is triggered. 

Fig 4 - Delete Notification Icon

You can clear all notifications from the panel by clicking on the bin at the top of the panel, the red circle on the bell icon will be removed until the next Notification is triggered. 

Fig 5 - Delete all Notifications Icon

Close the panel by clicking anywhere outside the panel or by using the 'x' option at the top of the panel.

Fig 6 - Close Notification panel Icon

All Notifications are left in your Notification area for 30 days and then removed.  If you delete a Notification from the panel then it cannot be restored, this does not delete the record just the Notification from the panel.

Email Notifications

Email Notifications are switched on for all Users by default, you can control which Notifications your receive via email on a User basis via the Profile icon and choosing 'My Settings'.

Fig 7 - User Email Notification Settings


If you switch off the setting 'Email Communication enabled?' then you will receive no email Notifications (i.e. Alerts) from intelligentcontract other than system notifications.

If you untick one of the options in the 'Email Notification' area then you will no longer receive email Notifications from that feature i.e. switch off Tasks then you will no longer receive emails that a Task has been assigned to you.

Please consult your Admins if you are not sure of the correct options to use for your organisation.

Switching off Email Notifications does not affect the new Notification area, these Notifications will always appear in the panel.