When an attachment is uploaded to a record then you have the ability to show a preview of this to the User.  The are various options in the preview panel that you can use:

  • Hiding the entire preview
  • Page selection
  • Changing page display
  • Zoom in and out
  • Search within the document (press enter after entering text)
  • Expand to full screen size and searching

Just after an attachment has been uploaded there will be a Queuing message, this will be removed after the preview has been generated.

Fig 1 - Document queued for preview

Once created the preview is displayed in the record.

Fig 2 - Document preview generated

The preview can be hidden if you do not wish to see it in the record by clicking on the 'Hide/Show Preview' panel on the right. 

Fig 3 - Hiding the preview

This preview display is controlled in the Form Layouts screen.  By default in every instance where an attachment can be added the preview will display after it has been uploaded.

If you do not wish the preview to display in the record permanently then you can untick the option against the field in the Form Layouts screen.

Fig 4 - Disabling the preview

Most attachments will be converted into a readable document, this will enable you to search inside the document in the preview screen.

You can use the Search panel at the top of the preview screen and type in text, the preview will then display match's inside the attachment.  The arrow options allow you to jump to each instance the text has been found.

Fig 5 - Searching inside the preview

You can use the 'Full Screen' option to view a larger preview.  Use the Search panel at the top of the preview and type in text and press <enter> on the keyboard, the preview will then display match's inside the attachment.  The arrow options allow you to jump to each instance the text has been found.

Please note that this is still a preview of the attachment, use the X at the top right of the screen to close the full preview.

If you close the browser window you will close your intelligentcontract session and will have to log in again.

Fig 6 - Full screen preview

When files are uploaded there may be instances where the attachment has not automatically been converted into a readable document.  If this is the case then a message will appear informing you of such.

Fig 7 - None searchable document message

Click on the message and the screen will refresh into a readable version.

All Word documents that are uploaded the preview will NOT display any track changes that are done to the document after it has uploaded.

If you wish to view the track changes then you must download a copy of the attachment.  There will be a message displayed when a Word document is selected informing you as such.

Fig 8 - Word documents and track changes

There will be some files that the system cannot generate a preview for, these will be for unsupported formats, large files or attachments where a preview cannot be generated i.e. a zip file.  in these instances a message will display in the preview screen informing as such.

Fig 9 - Unable to generate preview

If you are using Edge as a browser then the previews may be blocked because of the Edge tracking setting.

Go to the top left of the browser and click on the padlock icon next to the url.  A drop down will appear, go to the option for 'Tracking prevention....' and flip the blue switch off

Fig 10 - Edge Tracking permissions

Click anywhere on the screen and the drop down should close and you will be prompted with a blue [Refresh] button

Click the button, the page will refresh and your preview will now be displayed.