After creating ands saving an Alert record, information indicators will be displayed against each 'Linked Person' recipient to tell you if there is an issue with one or more People or Roles selected.

Below is a standard example of an Alert that has been linked to 3 specific People.

There is a red x next to Dave Green and Billy Jones, indicating that they will not receive this Alert when triggered because of an issue.

Fig 1- Alert Information Indicators

If you hover over the red x a small pop up will inform you of the issue so you can rectify.

There are 2 main reasons why an Alert will not be able to be sent to a recipient.

Recipient is an External Person

Fig 2 - External Person error

By default, all accounts are set to not allow External People to receive Alert email as they may contain internal sensitive information.

An External Person is someone who is not linked to an Internal Party.

If you would like your Alerts to trigger to both Internal and External People, then you can adjust the setting for the account in the Configuration area = > Manage Account Configuration => Reminders => Allow external People to receive Alerts?

Adjust the below setting to 'Yes' and then all External recipients will receive Alerts and the red x will change to a green tick on the Alert.

Fig 3 - External Person Alert setting

It may be the case where the recipient should be an Internal Person but is not set as such, this may have been an oversight when creating the Person or User record.  

Here you must go into their Person record and link them to an Internal Party.  Edit the 'Party' field and use the Drop down list to select the correct Party.  

Note: If no value is populated within that Party field then the Person is classed as 'External'

Fig 4 - Internal Party link to a Person record

You can use the Magnifying glass icon to display the 'Find' screen that can help you identify the correct Party record. An internal Party is indicated as such in the 'Find screen by the Internal icon

Fig 5 - Internal Party indicator Icon

Once the internal Party against the Person record is set then the red x will change to a green tick on the Alert.

Email is disabled 

Fig 6 - Email disabled error

All Person records have a 'Communication Enabled' checkbox on the form.  By default, every record has this checkbox ticked and set to 'Yes'.  However, it could have been manually changed or if a Person has opted out of receiving emails from the system then this will be set to 'No'.

Fig 7 - Communication Enabled switched off

Go into the recipients Person record and ensure that the field 'Communication Enabled' is ticked.  Once ticked then the red x will change to a green tick on the Alert.

Orange Information Messages

If you have have multiple People assigned to a Contract with the same Role, i.e. Contract Manager.  

If you then create an Alert and assign that Role to it, if there is anything wrong with one of those People assigned to the Role it will give an orange warning.

Below I have 3 people assigned to a Contract all with the Role as Contract Manager.

Fig 7 - Multiple People assigned as Contract Manager

After I create the Alert and assign it to the Contract Manager Role an Orange warning is displayed.  The hover will detail which recipients will not receive the Alert and why.

Fig 8 - Orange Information Indicator

You will need to make adjustments as detailed above to ensure the recipients receive the Alert.

The Alert Summary screen and sub tab summary screens will display these information indicators so you can see straight away if there is an issue with one of your Alert recipients.

Fig 9 - Alert summary screen

Fig 10 - Alert sub tab summary screen

The hover will not display in the summary screens, you will need to open the record to see the hover information.