The Approval Activity screen provides the User with information about the current Approval request and the tools to process it.

The Approval Configuration setting 'Open activity by default when entity is viewed' controls if this screen automatically opens if you are the current Approver for the request.

Go to: Configuration: Approvals => Approval Configuration =>'Open activity by default when entity is viewed'.  When set to 'Yes' will cause the screen to open automatically.

Fig 1 - Approval Configuration

For this example we will be using a Contract Document Approval request to show all aspects of the screen.

If the Approval Activity screen is not set to open automatically click the [Approval Activity] button on the record.

Fig 2 - Approval Activity access

You can [Approve] or [Reject] the request by using the button on the to right of the screen.  The initial Approval Submission note is also displayed.

Fig 3 - Approve/Reject buttons and Submission Note

If you are the original Approval submitter or a Admin then you will also have the additional [...] options.  The options will allow you to edit the Approvers, Cancel the Approval request or send a reminder.

Fig 4 - Approval [...] options

Detail tab

The detail tab, displays the Approval request information such as the Approver information, and the Approval type.  Approvers that have already completed thier Approval will have a green tick next to their name.

Fig 5 - Approval request details

If you are sending a Document approval then all the attachments in the selected record will be listed.  If you have full edit privileges then you will see both and [Edit] and [Download] buttons.

Fig 6 - Document Approvals

Use the [Edit] button to open up the attachment in the online Editor.

Fig 7 - Online Editor

If you do make edits to the file, when you [Save and Close] the editor then a save file versioning screen will appear.  Add your version change comments and click [Save].

Fig 8 - Changing versions

The Approval Activity screen will then update with your new version.

Fig 9 - Updated version

If you wish to [Edit] a pdf attachment, then the system will automatically convert the pdf into a word document for editing.  A pop up message will appear asking if you wish to continue with the conversion.

Fig 10 - Converting a pdf file

When [OK] is clicked then a conversion message will appear, once converted the file will open in the editor.  

Fig 11 - Converting to Word

Make your edits and [Save and Close] the Editor, the versioning screen will appear for you to add your comments.

After editing the now Word file it can be converted back into a pdf if required.  This convert option is available in the [...] attachment options at the end of each file.  

Fig 12 Convert to PDF

If you do not wish to edit the file then you can use the [Download] button to obtain a current copy for review.  

If you do not wish to download a copy of the file then you can close the Approval Activity screen and use the normal document preview screen to see the document instead.

Fig13 - Document Preview

Each file has the [...] attachment options available, here you will be able to view the previous version history of an attachment, convert a file, rename etc.

Fig 14 - Attachment options

For more information about each of the options in this list please refer to this article:


The History tab will show you all the transactions for the this Approval by details, each transaction will details the Note entered by each Approver.

Fig 15 - History tab details

After you have reviewed all the Documents then press the [Approve] or [Reject] buttons to complete the approval request.