Default setting Track Changes

A setting in the Manage Account Configuration area enables you to choose when Track Changes are automatically enabled when editing a document using the online Editor.

Go To: Configuration => Manage Account Configuration => Document Management Options

Fig 1 - Track changes default

The 'Open editable documents with Track Changes enabled' setting drop down list will present three options for you:

Never - Track Changes will never default on 

Always - Track Changes will be defaulted on for every editable document opened via the Editor

Where part of a Approval - Only editable documents associated to a record that has been sent for Approval will have Track Changes automatically enabled.

For example, if a Contract record is sent for Approval, any editable documents uploaded to any of its sub entities will have the Track Changes enabled if opened via the online Editor, for example, Alerts, Document, Notes, Amendments etc

Note: As this is an account default, if you try to switch off track changes either via the Document attributes or within the Editor then this default will override these selections and stay switched on.

Fig 2 - Track Changes enabled in the editor

Manually setting Track Changes

Track Changes can be manually switch on either within the Editor when opened.

Fig 3 - Manually setting Track Changes in the Editor

Or via the Document Attributes via the [...] option for each attachment.

Fig 4 - Document Attributes

Fig 5 - Enabling Track Changes in the Document Attributes.