Release Notes - September 2020

OQ-I46 – Allow new Trials to add and remove features to their account

HD-I1 – User records to have 'Permission' identifiers so Full Users can also be restricted in their ability

MNT-I953 – When an Alert is assigned to a Role instead of a Person record, if that Role is assigned to an external person then the email will NOT be sent out of IC.

MNT-I959 – Email Title & Message option now available in EversignElectronic Signature Feature

MNT-I1014 – When a Report name is clicked on in the Summary screen the Report is now ran instead of opening for Edit.

MNT-I1018 – Cancel Term button introduced to replace the Cancel Date field

MNT-I1034 – New Task/Issue Transaction records now available

MNT-I1059 – Enhancement of the Contract Value and Contract Value Display options with and without Financial data

HA-I32 – New Automation option to allow either ‘All Rules’ or ‘First Matching Rule’ apply

HA-I35 - New Automation option to allow Rules to trigger on 'Edit' of a field

HA-I33 - New automation option to allow Rules to trigger based on the creation of a Contract Amendment record

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