Release Notes October 2020

MNT-I1058 – Ability to Import/Export data into the Contract Transactions tab.

MNT-I1077 - Rolling contracts with no Notice period - the Notice Period label is not displayed anymore

MNT-I1011 - Eversign Signature feature now includes the ability to send out for parallel signatures

MNT-I1095 – Removing a licence from a User record or adding and User ‘End Date’ will now stop all email notifications from intelligentcontract

MNT-I977 – Allow the same Person to be added to a Contract record multiple times if they have differing ‘Roles’

MNT-I1017 – If Single Sign On is enabled, the screen that requests you to log into your chosen SSO provider will now have a link to the SSO login page if this has been entered in the Plugin page

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