Release Notes November 2020

MNT-I1021 - Term Type of 'Fixed' now has the option to enter Cancellation details

MNT-I1136 - Tasks - You can now enter a relative 'Expected Resolution Date' to a Task list template

MNT-I1137 - Task List Templates can now have a Person Placeholder value of 'Creator'

MNT-I1189 - A new system Security Group of No-One group has been introduced, if 'No-One' is assigned to any record then only Administrators can see that record.

MNT-I1182 - The new 'No-One' Security Group will be assigned to Contracts marked as 'Confidential' if no Person record has been linked to the Contract.  When a Person record is assigned, the Contracts Security Group will update from 'No-One' accordingly.

MNT-I1022 - The Audit trial will now create a value where a record has been viewed by a User

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