A Task can be optionally related to a Contract or a Party (or both) and can be assigned attributes such as priority and severity to help you to organise your work. If a Task is associated with a Contract or Party, then when these are viewed, the Task will be listed. 

TIP: You may associate a number of Tasks to a specific Contract to indicate the steps required to renew that Contract. As each step is completed, the Tasks can be marked as completed and the progress of renewal can be tracked

A person is optionally assigned to the Task and other people can be assigned as “monitors”. The person who created the Task is, by default, set as the “reporter”. The assigned person, monitors and the reporter are informed when there is a change to the Task. 

TIP: If a new note is added or if the Task is marked as “complete” then the assigned person, monitor and reporter will be informed via email

Each Task has an optional start and anticipated end date. When the end-date has passed, the Task will be marked as “overdue” on the assigned person’s Menu as shown below:

Fig 1 - Task Alert on the menu

Tasks can optionally have documents associated to them and can be related to other Tasks.  To help with completing the work associated with the Task, Notes can be manually added which describe the progress of the Task. Notes are automatically added by the system when key events take place, such as change of priority, change of assigned person and change of severity.

When you click on the Task option, you will be shown the Tasks summary screen, you can change the summary view to only see Tasks where you are involved or you can use the filter fields to search for specific Tasks.  The below displays a summary of all Tasks created, however, you may only wish to see “maintenance” type Tasks, and so you can type the word “maintenance” in the type field and the summary will be filtered.

Fig 2 - Task Summary screen

Once a Task is created, it can be viewed, edited, deleted or archived in the way all other records can be. Below is an example of a full Task record:

Fig 3 - Complete Task record

Completing a Task

If you have been assigned a Task you will be notified via email, within the email is a link which directs you to the Task in the system.

Once a Task has been completed you can flag it as such and it will be taken off your list of incomplete Tasks.

To complete a Task when you are in a Task record just change the Status field from its current status to 'Complete' you will be asked to add a Comment.

To Complete a when you are in the Task Summary screen or the Task tab click the [...] option to the left of the record and you will be offered the option of 'Complete'.



Projects can be created using the Value Set feature within the Configuration menu. Tasks can be optionally assigned to a project. Where there are a number of Tasks across multiple People, Contracts and/or Parties, but are all associated to a single project, you are able to track progress. “Project” can be used to filter Tasks on the summary screen and is a field to help with managing project progress.

Task Reports

A Task report that has been created will output Tasks into an Excel/CSV format. All the Task fields are exportable to allow further meaningful analysis 

Task Importing 

As well as creating individual Tasks manually, an Import facility has been created to allow you to quickly create many Tasks. This feature is particular useful where you need to create many “repeating” Tasks across multiple Contracts, Parties or People.

Tasks can also be added directly to a Contract, Person or Party record via the tabs at the bottom of the record.  Go into the record and scroll to the bottom, select the Task tab and the press [New] the Task screen will pop up to allow you to complete.

Fig 4 - Creating a Task within a record


TIP: Once created the Task can be viewed in the Task Summary screen