Intelligentcontract provides support for Master and Sub Contracts.  A Master Contract is a fully negotiated contract and will have Sub Contracts directly associated to it, by assigning the Sub Contracts to the Master you will be able to see all the Sub Contracts that the Master is co-dependant on.

The below example shows a Master Contract for the refurbishment of a property, displayed within its Sub Contract tab all the current associated Sub Contracts are listed.

Fig 1 - Master Contract

Linking a Sub-Contract to a Master Contract

On each of the Sub Contract Types the field 'Master' should be on the contract form, if you do not have this field already on the form it can be placed via Form Layouts.

When creating a new Contract that should be a Sub Contract to an existing Master, select the correct Master Contract in this field and then complete the Contract entry as normal.

Fig 2 - Master Contract link to a Sub-Contract

Once the new Sub Contract has been saved, the Master Contract will now have this Contract referenced in its Sub Contract tab.

Fig 3 - Sub Contract linked to a Master

To sever the link just remove the Master Contract value from the Sub Contract.

Note: Master Contracts are distinct from Framework Contracts. Click here for more details on Frameworks.