To create a new Party record you will need to navigate to the party section and then press the +.  You will then be provided with the Party entry screen ready for you to complete.

Fig 1 - Party Form

All the fields on the default Party entry screen and their meaning.

Field Name
Unique identifier for the record, generated by the solution.
Full name of the Party
Registered Address
Registered Address information
Registered address City
Registered address Postcode
Registered address Country
Identifies if the Party is Internal or External to your organisation (branch or department)
Type* **
The Type of Party in relation to your organisation. The current Value Set will contain a default list of options: Agent/Branch/Customer/Supplier.

If you have pre-defined fields or layouts for specific Party Types** then the Type value you select here will adjust the form accordingly.  For example; an Agent may require different fields to be completed or displayed than a Customer or Internal Branch.
Contact Number
Main Contact Number
Email Address
Main Email Address
Billing Address
Billing Address (if different from registered)
Billing City
Billing City (if different from registered)
Billing Postcode (if different from registered)
Billing Country (if different from registered)
Contact Number
Contact Number for Billing enquiries
Email Address
Email Address for Billing enquiries
Party registered Tax Number
Party Registration Number
Website URL
Main Website Address

All Value Set contents (Other than Status fields) can be adjusted to contain values pertinent to your company in the Value Sets screen

** Specific layouts for Person Types can be created in the Define Form Layouts screen.