On each Summary screen (for example, Contract Summary) it is possible create a printable list. The system will generate a print preview of the page of data ready for you to send the preview to your specified printer on your device.

On the summary page click on the "..." and then choose the Print button.

Fig 1 - Click the Print Button to print a list

Tip: The print button will generate a print preview of whatever is currently being displayed in the Summary screen.  You can select a different View or enter Filters to adjust the Summary screen values and then click on the Print button in order to print those specific values. The print preview will include the name of the view and/or any filters that are in place.

Tip: You can add text specific to your account to the top of every printed page. For example, you might want the text "CONFIDENTIAL" added to the top of each print out. This text can be specified in the account configuration page which is accessible if you are an Admin user. Please refer to the article Account Configuration for more information on setting this text value.