Notes can be added to records such as Contracts, People, Parties, Tasks, and KPI's to keep track of information pertaining to the record. This is especially useful if the original Responsible User is not available or has left the organisation. The new Responsible User can review the Notes to bring them up to date.  

The Notes section is always accessed via the tabs at the bottom of the screen. To create a new Note, just open up the required record, click on the Notes tab, and then press [New].

Fig 1 - Accessing Notes

A Note form will be displayed; complete the information including Notify People, attach any reference documentation if required, and then save.  

Any Internal People associated to the Contract in the People tab will default into the 'Notify' field on the form. The logic is that if they are associated to the Contract, then they should receive any Notes in relation to it.  If for any reason you do not wish them to receive an email of the note you are adding, then just remove them from the field before saving the record. You can leave the notify field blank if required, and the note will still be added to the record but no-one will be emailed about it.

As with all the intelligentcontract screens, the fields displayed within a Note form can be adjusted to your organisations requirements. Please refer to this article on Changing Form Layouts for more details.

Once saved, the Note and its contents are emailed to the Notify people. The email Note contains the text in the Note field and any files that have be uploaded as an attachment. The recipient of the email can then reply (with an option to attach new documents) and the reply will automatically create a new Note linked to this original message.

The Notify People are internal Users within your organisation who have an account with intelligentcontract or, depending on your subscription level, you can have the added feature to send these notes out to external Non-Users of intelligentcontract.  Multiple People can be added as a Notify and multiple Documents can be attached.

Fig 2 - Notes

Permissions for Note recipients

People records added as a Notify must have the Communication Enabled? feature switched on to receive the Note email. Please refer to this article on the People Form on how to achieve this.

You can quickly identify if the Communication Enabled? option is set to 'Yes' on a Person record once you have saved the Note record.  If there is a green tickbox next to the Person name, then the setting is set to 'Yes'.  If there is no green tickbox, then their setting is set to 'No' and they will not have received the Note Email.

Attachment files sizes to Notes are limited to 6mb as they will be included in the Note email. Attachment(s) in excess of 6mb can be viewed within the record when logged into the system, but will not be on the received Note email. When you add a file to a Note record, if the file it too large a warning will be displayed.

Fig 3 - Excessive file size warning