Administrator Users have access to the Approval Configuration screen, here they can set up all the rules applicable to their organisations Approval requirements.  Please refer to Approval Configuration for full details on this option.

Administrators also have the facility to override existing Approval Requests, they can adjust the Route of an Approval that has been requested, Update and amend the selected Approver(s) / Approval Group (s) by using the options from the [...] more action button whilst within a contract or from the Approvals feature.

Administrators also have the facility to process an Approval request on behalf of another User, either via the Contract screen or the Approval feature, when the Administrator opens up either a Contract or an Approval record there are options on the top right of the screen which will allow them to process the Approval Request.

Fig 1 - Approval option as an Administrator

As with all other aspects of Approvals, if an Administrator processes an Approval or changes an existing Approval Route the will be required to add a Note to explain the reason for the override, this will be displayed within the Approval Transaction History.

Fig 2 - Administrator Approval Action Note