A Party is created when they need to be assigned either to a Contract or other records in the solution such as Alerts, KPi's etc.

Party Records can be created in two ways, either direct from within the Party option or via a new or existing record such as an Alert.  By creating a new Party record from an existing record it keeps the flow of data entry by not forcing Users exit out of records they are halfway through to update the database.  

Creating a New Party record from the Navigation tab

  • Navigate to Parties > Click [New] 
  • You will be presented with the Party form, complete the details as required and press [Save]

Fig 1 - Creating a new Party record

Creating a new Party from within a record

  • Open up an existing or new record such as an Alert
  • Click on the 'Linked Party' (or other aptly named field)
  • Start typing to search the database for an existing Party
  • If no Party exists, click the [+ Add New Party] option
  • The Create Party form will be displayed as above

Fig 2 - Add a New Party

  • Complete the relevant details and press [Save]
  • The pop up form will close and the new Party value will be displayed in the field
  • Repeat until all required Parties have been crated and assigned to the record

Fig 3 - Added new Party record

TIP: New records can be added continuously to keep the flow of data entry. For example if a New Supplier and Contact is to be added to a Contract record, from within the Contract record the User can first create a new Person record and from within that form they can launch and create a new Party record.