Premium Plugin


intelligentcontract has the option to connect any Reporting Tool (which has the capability to connect to a cloud based MYSQL database) to your intelligentcontract account. All data related to your intelligentcontract account is made available in a database that external reporting tools can access.


If your reporting needs are complex then the external reporting plug-in can help. In addition to the intelligentcontract regular built-in reporting tool, you can utilise a reporting tool of your choice to build reports and dashboards on all the data in your intelligentcontract account. Your reporting tool should have the capability to connect to a MySQL database.

Once we have activated this feature in your account, you will have the ability to pull the data from your intelligentcontract account into your chosen Reporting Tool to allow you to generate the reports and dashboards that your organisation requires.


When you have received confirmation that access is given, you will need to choose a reporting tool and connect that reporting to tool to the Intelligentcontract External Database. The instructions for installing the Plugin and connecting your reporting tool can be found here: Installing External Reporting Plugin

Note: Access to the Plugin must be requested via the helpdesk, once access is granted, you can edit the Plugin information or uninstall the Plugin from your account – once uninstalled you must again send a request to the helpdesk if you wish to install it again.