intelligentcontract has the ability to allow you to create online documents.

This is an additional feature that can be included in your subscription - if you wish to have this feature then contact us at arrange for it to be added to your account.

When you wish to add a new Document, if it is a document format that is found within (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) then it can be created and uploaded without leaving the system.

Creating a New Document

Creation of a new Document can be made in all areas where a document can be uploaded to the system, i.e.

  • Document record
  • Note record
  • File record
  • Library record

For this example we will be creating a new Word document to be uploaded to a Contract record.  When you open up a new record that allows a file to be attached there is an button in the Attachment field called [Add File].

Click in this option and the drop down list will open listing the different document file types that you can create, select Word Document.

Fig 1- Create New option

You will be prompted to choose your document's format from a selection of templates - you can choose the blank template but if you have already created your own templates then these will also be displayed.

 Choose the 'Blank' template option.

Fig 2 - Template selection

The system will now open the Editor for you to create your new document. 

If you are creating a document from a template where you have used placeholders, the system will prepopulate any placeholder where the contract record holds a value, if no value can be found then the placeholder text will appear instead. This text can be removed or over written on the final document via the Editor.

Note: More details regarding Templates and Placeholders can be found here

All the normal editing tools are available for you to complete your document, the editing tool will auto save as you are going along.

Fig 4 - Document Editor

Note:  When a Document is open for editing then no other User can access the document. If you close your intelligentcontract session then your Document editing session cannot save any edits back to intelligentcontract and you will loose all changes.

When you have completed your document, use the [Save and Close] button on the bottom right to close the document.  

You will be taken back to your intelligentcontract record displaying the locked session message.  

**Whilst the document is importing back to your record there is a short delay of about 10 seconds, please do not refresh your browser during this time as it will loose your document**

Fig 5 - Saving a Document

One your document has been uploaded you will be prompted to give it a name.

Note: Initial versions of Documents are automatically given a version number of 1, if you edit the document after initial creation the system will automatically increment by 1. 

You can adjust this version number and the system will increment from that number going forward.  For more information about Editing documents, please click here.

Your document will be saved into your Document record in the Attachment field, you can now continue to complete the other fields in your Document record such as Title and Type.

Fig 4 - Document attached to record

[Save] your record and your Document record will close and it will be presented in the tab as normal.

Fig 5 - Saved Document record

Next: Please refer to this article explaining how to edit online documents