Introducing Alfred – Our Artificially Intelligent BOT.

Beginning 3rd January, 2019, we are pleased to introduce Alfred. Alfred is our new AI support  BOT that will assist with any questions you might have about using  intelligentcontract. 

Alfred has been trained on how to use intelligentcontract  and is able to give point you to the relevant articles or videos which might  help. Alfred uses the latest in Artificial Intelligence technology to understand your question and provide the best response.

Alfred is improving all the time. Each time he interacts with a person and wasn’t able to answer their question he will be given new  responses. And when new features are releases, Alfred will be the first to know and will be trained accordingly.

To access Alfred at any time click on the ? within the  solution. Click on the “Ask Alfred” button and begin your conversation.  Alternatively, from the same click, you can directly access the knowledge base,  create a ticket or, for those that prefer to chat to a human, you can access  our upgraded chat app.





And for those wondering why we named our BOT Alfred take a  look at this article

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