Release Notes December 2021

DM-I235 - Collaboration - A new Configuration setting has been introduced to make a password mandatory for all collaborations, if required.

DMI362 - Collaboration - File attribute of 'Keep Original Document' can be set per document in a Collaboration, if ticked then a copy of the original file will be created for the Collaboration, the original file will remain in its original record.

DM-I363 - Documents - File attribute of 'Track Changes in Editor' can be set per Document, if ticked then Track Changes will be automatically enabled when the document is opened using the Editor.

DM-I364 - Document - File attribute of 'Version History', new option to allow a document version history to be exposed, hidden or restricted to only show versions created via the current entity.

DM-I371 - Collaboration - If a Document is already associated to an existing Collaboration (started or not) then if you try to add the same document to another Collaboration you will receive a warning preventing this.

DM-I385 - Collaboration - In each Document [...] Action button there will be an option 'View Related record' when clicked, this will take you to the original record the Document was selected from.

DM-I387 - Collaboration - A new field of 'Owning Entity' is now displayed in Version History pop up and the File History tab - this will display the original record the document was selected from, when clicked it will take you to the original record.

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