Release Notes January 2022

DM-I386 - Collaborations - New 'Collaboration' sub tab will appear on all top level records such as: Contracts, Tasks, Alerts, People, Parties etc  

If a Document that has been added to this record (either in the header or in one of its sub tabs, i.e. Document or Notes) has been added to a Collaboration than the associated Collaboration will display in this sub tab. If a Person has been added to a Collaboration as a Collaborator then all Collaborations they are assigned to will appear in their Person record in the Collaboration sub tab.

IM2-I788 - If a new User record is created with a specific Start Date, access to the account will not be given until that date is reached - automatic welcome email notifications from IC will include the Users Start Date

IM2-I795 - Notifications - Font sizing option has been added to the Editor screen

IM2-I809 - Approvals - Ability to allow Contract Documents to be sent out for Electronic Signature whilst the Contract record in in the middle of an Approval process.  This ability will only be allowed if the account has the following 'Approval' Configuration settings set as below:

  • Only Approved Contracts can be sent for Electronic Signature = No
  • Allow "in progress" entities to be edited = Yes
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