Release Notes February 2022

IM2-I870 - Maximum record display - We have changed the maximum number of records that can be displayed in a Summary screen down to 250, this was done as Customers were experiencing issues loading high number of records at one time and system slowness.

IM2-I880 - Amendments - you can now adjust Amendment Layouts according to an Amendment Type.  Each Type will be available in the Form Layouts Amendments tab using the normal Drop down List and you can adjust layouts per Type as required.

IM2-I889 - Term Field, updates to the Recurring/Rolling fields - Notice Period will now always be available as an option in both Term Types, the checkbox's to display them has now been removed.  Optional field such as Notice Period will now default a value of '0' 'Months' if no value is entered by the User.  This value will display as '0 Months' rather than a blank in Summary Views / Reports and Filter options.

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