Release Notes September 2023

IR-I130 - Import new option added to the feature, you are now able to download the contents of the grid to a csv file.  This will allow flexibility for you to populate the grid with data, make adjustments and then if you wish you can download the consents of the grid to a csv file so you can work on it off line if you require.

IR-I134 - Import - new option, if you hide a column you will now have the option to 'unhide' all columns rather than having to manually unhide one by one.

IR-I170 - Import - new feature, you now have the ability to add multiple rows to a grid rather than one row at a time

For full details of all the Import updates please review the Import articles in the Knowledge Base.

IM2-I1687 - Account Username - A Users 'Username' now is separate to their email address, a Username can be any unique value and can be updated in the Profile settings, if the Username is already taken by another account an error will display.  All notifications will be sent from the person record email address provided.  If you alter your Username then the system will let you know if the value has already been used by another User.

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