Settings are available to each User allowing you to update your personal details, change your password and set preferences within intelligentcontract.

User Area
Navigate to the Profile icon to reveal the settings link within the user area and select My Settings

Fig 1 Profile Card

The Settings page will be displayed

Fig 2 The Settings page

Personal Details
View and update your personal account details such as name, job title, username and contact details.  

If you change your username here then you must use that new value when trying to next log into your account, your password will not have changed.

Fig 3 Person Details

Change Password
Change your account password, you must first type in your current password

Two Factor Authentication

Activate the Two Factor Authentication feature

Manage Linked Login Account

Link either an Office 365 or Google account to your intelligentcontract account to allow immediate access without having to enter your Username and password. Click here for full details on how to Link Accounts

Make changes to the way components work for you across all the records you use

Fig 4 User General Settings

  • Email communication enabled? - Allows automatic and manual emails to be sent to the User's email address - if set to 'No' then all but system notifications are disabled
  • Recent Places Item - Controls how many recent places is recorded and displayed for the User when accessed
  • Email Notifications - Controls which notifications are sent to you - by default all are ticked
  • Use advanced contract value view - Controls if the User can see the advanced features for displaying contract values
  • Snooze Length (Days) - Sets how many days an Alert will sleep for when Snooze is activated