You can add Contract documents to a Contract in the same way as adding other linked records.

  • Navigate to Contracts and open up the Contract 
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Contract record to the sub tabs and select Documents
  • Click [New], the Create Document form will be displayed

Fig 1 - Adding a Document to a Contract

Folder - Select a Folder for the Document from the drop down list - These folder names can be adjusted to your requirements within the Value Set screen under the option Contract - Document Type

Title - Name for the Document - this may be something more generic than the actual Document Title

Attachment - Click the [Add File] button and a drop down will appear with a series of options to choose from.

Fig 1 - Adding an Attachment to a record

Fig 2 - Attachment options

The options in the list will be dependant on your account settings. 

Attachment Options

Select from Device

This will open a pop up screen where you can either browse your system for files to upload or drag and drop files into the box.

Fig 3 - Select from device pop up

Once selected or dropped the pop up will close and the Attachments will load into the field, if you wish to add more Attachments, click the [Add File] option again.

Fig 4 - Uploaded Attachments

The next 3 options will only be available if you have the Online Documents feature enabled in your account.

  • Word Document
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Excel Spreadsheet

For full details on how to use these options please refer to this article

Select From Library

If the document has been previously uploaded then you can just find it within the intelligentcontract Library files, use the 'Select from Library' option to open up the Library files.

the Library will display all the attachments that have previously been uploaded into your account across all records.  You can search and find your document, once selected, press [OK] and the document will appear in the Attachment(s) section.

Fig 5 - Library Find Screen

More information regarding the intelligentcontract library can be found here

Select from Policy Stat

If you have a enabled a Policy Stat link within your account you will be able to select your Policy stat Documents and attached to a record.

For more information about how to enable this option and access please refer to this article

Specify an External Link

If you have got the feature of using External File links activated in the Configuration screen then you will also see an option to insert a file link rather than actually uploading the document.  Choose the option of 'Specify an external link' enter the details in the field and then press + to add the link then Save.

Fig 6 - External File Link option

For more details on activating the External Link feature please refer to this article.

The following file types are allowable for upload into intelligentcontract. Other types cannot be uploaded to intelligentcontract for security purposes:

  • MS Office documents
  • XML
  • Zip
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • TIFF
  • HTML
  • plain text
  • RTF
  • Video files

Virus Scan

We employ "Clam Anti-Virus" software on the servers that deliver the intelligentcontract service. This is a vital service that ensures we do not import and then inadvertently distribute virus software. 

Each time you upload attachments to the intelligentcontract service, the document will be scanned by the anti-virus software and will be rejected if the software detects any virus or malware. 

If you do get this message, it is likely the attachment you are attempting to upload is infected and you should discard the file.