intelligentcontract allows you to keep a record of all Parties that have a relationship with your Contracts, a Party record will allow you to enter relevant details about the Party such multiple addresses, contact information, and party details. The Party form is fully configurable so you can add or remove fields on the form to reflect the information you wish to record, such as a compliance section.

The Party form can also be identified by Type - this can allow you to identify the Type of Parties that you wish to create a record for, such as Customer, Supplier, Agent, Contractor etc. Please refer to the Value Set article for information on how to update these values.

Fig 1 - Party Types

Note: The Party Type should not be the Classification a Party has to a Contract, a Party can be a certain Type but have multiple Classifications depending on the Contracts they are allocated to, these Classifications are identified when you allocate a Party to a Contract.

Once the Party Type is identified then you can control the fields that are displayed based upon the Type within the form Layouts screen, select the relevant value from the Party Type drop down list and then adjust accordingly.  Please refer to the Changing Form Layouts article for more details on how to do this.

Fig 2 - Party Type Layouts

Once a Party is created they can be associated to your Contracts, please refer to the Adding Parties to Contracts article for more information on how to do this.  

As you use intelligentcontract relevant information regarding this Party will begin to compile, if you open up the record the tabs at the bottom will display information about the Party such as:

  • The People who work at this Party
  • Notes entered
  • Any Related Contracts
  • Any Archived Contracts
  • All Contracts they are allocated to
  • Any KPI's created
  • Any Risks associated to the Party
  • Any Alerts created for them and their status 
  • Any assigned Tasks and their status

Fig 3 - Party record

Any of the tab records (such as an Alert) can be viewed by just clicking on it, when clicked, the relevant record will be displayed.