Contract Document records can be sent out for Approval on an individual basis.

Open the related Contract and go to the Documents tab, Click on the Document record you wish to send for Approval.

Fig 1 - Contract Document selection

This will open up the Document record in full screen rather than a pop up.  You will see that the Document record now has its own set of sub tabs, one tab will be 'Approvals'.

Fig 2 - Contract Document Approval tab

The Document record will have its own Approval status.

This status is independent of the Contract record Approval status.  A Contract record could have an Approval status of [Approved] but the document records linked to it could still have an Approval status of [Pending].

Fig 3 - Contract Document Initial Approval status

Click on the [...] icon on the top right of the record and select the option for [Submit for Approval] 

Fig 4 - Submit for Approval

A pop up screen will appear allowing you to select the Approval Route.  The values displayed here will depend on your Accounts Approval Configuration.

Fig 5 - Selecting an Approval Route

Define how you wish the Approval flow to progress

  • Sequential - each Person / Approval Group in turn
  • Parallel - all Person / Approval Groups are notified at once

Select the relevant People / Approval Group using the drop down list

The selected values can be moved around to define the order by using box's at the end of each value via drag and drop 

Click [Next] - There will be an option to add a Note to the Approver's, once saved, the People / Approval Groups will receive an email requesting Approval at the appropriate stage.

Note: At this stage if you have selected a User that have been unseated (licence removed) then the system will warn you of this so you can go back and adjust - we cannot prevent you from selecting an unseated User but we can warn you that you so you can made adjustments.

An Approval request email will be generated.

Fig 6 - Approval request email

Your Document Approval Status will now display as [In Progress].  You can click on this status bar to see who the Approval is currently assigned to, there will be a green tick next to every Approver that has already actioned their request.

Fig 7 - In Progress Approval

The [Approval Activity] button can be used to view the full details of the approval request.  For full details about the Approval Activity screen click here. 

Fig 8 - Approval Activity screen

Once all Approvers have actioned the status will update to [Approved] or [Rejected]