Release Notes January 2024

IM2-I1861 Alert information icons now displayed.  Information icons will now display against all alerts in the summary screen as well as when you open the record.  Please refer to this article for more details: 

IM2-I1904 - Alerts can now be created directly against Party Document records. Please read this article for more information.

IM2-I1854 - An expand button has been added to all pop up sub tab screens, the screen will open as a condensed popup are normal but you have the option to expand the popup into a full screen record, this will allow you to view the sub tab information for this record which will included the Audit trail and in some cases, Alerts or Approvals.  Pressing the back button will close the screen and take you back to your original parent record.

IM2-I1844 - Bulk update Contract Document Approval status via the Library - You can bulk update the Approval status of multiple Contract Documents across multiple Contract records via the Library via the [Edit Selected] option.  Please refer to this article for more details:

IM2-I1893 - Automation Notifications - These automatic notifications are now emailed to the selected recipients in addition to appearing in the Notification area.  Please refer to this article for more details:

IM2-I1937 - Saving update - On an open form, when a [Save] is taking place the screen lock for a short period, this will prevent Users from navigating away from an open form whilst a [Save] process is still taking place and potentially losing data.

IM2-I1938 - Browser session close information - If a User tries to close a browser session (by closing the window) and a [Save] process has not yet completed then it will inform that you will loose data if you do so.

IM2-I1855 - Approvals - Ability to select if you wish to have Approvals on or off for Contracts, Contract Documents or Party records.  For more information please refer to this article:

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