Release Notes March 2024

IM2-I1944 - Electronic Signature email notifications.  When a document has been fully signed and received back into the account an email notification will be generated to the originator to inform them.

IM2-I1820 - New 'Create File' option.  Improved process to add various attachments to records. For more information please refer to this article

IM2-I1980 - Approvals - New ability to display the Approval Submission Note in the Approval Notification email.  Please refer to this article to see how you can customise your email notification

IM2-I1971 - Pop up Sub Tabs can be adjusted to display full screen instead of a pop up.  By default all Sub Tab records open in a pop up, the expand button released in January allowed you to expand the pop up to full screen to view the records own Sub Tab information.  

We have now introduced an account wide control setting in the Form Layouts screen which allows you to control which Sub Tab records open as a pop up and which ones open up full screen by default.    All accounts have been updated to have the following Sub Tab record open full screen:  Tasks, Assets, Framework Lots, KPI's, all the others are a pop up as normal.  If you wish to adjust any of the Sub Tab behaviour when opened please refer to the control information held in this article:

IM2-I1837 - Sub Tab Security behaviour- New ability to 'exclude' header Security Group values automatically passing down to Sub Tab records.  This is available in manual Sub Tab Security Group changes and also Import Security settings, please refer to these two articles for more information.

Manual Security -

Import Security -

IM2-I1898 - Form Layouts - Users now have the ability to remove 'Type' fields off any form.  If done then all records will revert to the 'Default' layout.  If the field is put back then they will revert back to their initial values.

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