Release Notes May 2024

#I2052 - Document Previews - If a document has been identified with having track changes the you will now have 2 preview options, one with track changes and one without.  

#I2126/#I2139/#I2138/#I2118/#I2120 - Conversion of PDF and Word documents.  You are now able to convert uploaded PDF documents to Word and vice versa in the Document Attachment options section.  If you try to edit a PDF document then you will be asked to convert the file over to Word for editing.  This option is controlled in the Manage Account settings area in Configuration, if you do not require this option then uncheck the option and it will be hidden from Users.

More information about the attachment options can be found here

#I2050 Warning given when removing fields from existing layouts.  When a layout is adjusted and saved in the Form Layouts screen, if a field has been removed from a layout a warning message will appear.  This message is to inform that even though the field has been removed, if it is used elsewhere in features that can drive actions such as triggers or criteria for Automations or Approval requests then these actions will still trigger or be relevant.  The other areas where there removed field has been used should be manually updated as a separate action.

#I2113 - Import - Two new Transaction Types have been added to the Import feature, ARM - Archive and Modify, UAM - UnArchive and Modify - for more information regarding these Transaction Types please review this article:

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