Release Notes June 2024

#I2131 - Track Changes can now be set to default on automatically either for all editable documents or for any editable document within an Approval request.  

For more details, please refer to this article:

#I2117 -Approvals - A new Approval Activity screen has been developed to display all pertinent information regarding an Approval request, the [Approve] and [Reject] buttons have been moved into this screen.

Please refer to this article for full details regarding the screen and its features:


#I251 - Import - ? icons will be displayed on some of the column headers to give Users with additional information on the expected data to be entered in that column, i.e. formatting requirements.

#I270 - Import - Users have a new option 'Clear grid' this will remove all data in the selected template when used, data cannot be retrieved again once the grid is cleared.

#I2199 - Automation - Notification Actions have been updated to allow related Placeholder values to be added to the Note.  For more details please click here:

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