New Integration With Adobe® Sign

Released: October 2016.

Applicable plans: ALL 


At we are constantly innovating. Coming up with new strategies to make our customer's experience even better is an obsession! And because we get the chance to talk with hundreds of companies about their contract processes, we think we are well placed to develop software that creates real value for our customers.

Following extensive research and feedback from our loyal customers, we are delighted to announce that we have established a formal technology partnership with Adobe® to provide electronic signature functionality from one of the world's leading e-signature solutions Adobe® Sign.

Having already automated the contract management process with, we have now taken another step forwards and added a digitised contract signing process using Adobe® Sign's e-Signature solution. Our users can now enjoy the ease of automated contracting with while using Adobe® Sign's secure, cloud-based platform for signing agreements electronically.

The Key Feature Points of Electronic Signatures

E-signatures can cut contract cycle times, reduce business risk, and speed up traditionally paper-based tasks.Adobe® Sign has everything you need to turn existing signing processes into 100% digital workflows and has been fully integrated within, a premium full featured contract management solution, so you can add the convenience and security of e-signatures to your contract management process without any additional effort.

Key features include:Send any document out from within for electronic signature to anyone with an email address. You can send documents such as; original contract agreements, amendments or supplier related documents such as non-disclosure agreements.Use your existing Adobe® Sign account (or sign up for a new one if you haven't got one).Access all the features of Adobe® Sign right from within intelligentcontract.comSee the progress of signatures across your organisation right from within intelligentcontract.comOnce everyone has signed, executed documents are automatically uploaded to the correct contract record within Combine signatures with approvals - prevent a document from being sent for signature until it has been internally approved.

Benefits Of Electronic Signatures

We have already seen the value that Adobe® Sign is adding for our customers. Now users can accelerate their contract approval cycle and revenue error free, by eliminating the manual efforts of signature by being able to sign anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Your business flies. So can your procurement. 

Speed your procurement contract cycles while reducing business risks.

Speed up your procurement team and cut contract cycle times while reducing business risk. Our electronic signature function keeps procurement document processes 100% digital, from NDAs and RFPs through SOWs and contract renewals.

Sales is about speed. And e-signatures change the game. 

Hitting your quotas and staying ahead of the competition is easier when you're free of back-office bottlenecks. Adobe® Sign lets you sign and manage signatures in the office or on the go, closing every deal faster.

Slash contract cycle times. 

With our Adobe Sign integration, you can cut slow, manual steps out of every procurement workflow. And get the goods and services your company needs - at the right time, on the best terms, for the best price.

Cut your risk

Make manual data entry errors a thing of the past. Reduce your exposure to risk with end-to-end digital processes powered by Adobe® Sign.

Use templates or enforced sets of rules to generate and send the right contracts to the right people.Automatically add a digital seal to ensure contract integrity.Ensure data security with industry-leading standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC 2 Type 2, and ISO 27001.