'Company' Changes

Released: July 2016

Applicable plans: ALL

When you next log in to your account you may notice a difference in the way companies are created and stored within intelligentcontract.    We have not reduced functionality, but just changed it around to make it more intuitive.


What are Companies in intelligentcontract.com?

When you create a contract you are able to then associate one or more companies to that contract. People are also associated to companies.

Companies - the old way

When you create a company, you would then need to create at least one site - the site would allow you to specify the    address of the company. In most cases users of our system only needed a single site for each company. Feedback from our    customers was that having a separate company and site(s) could be confusing.

Companies - the new way

From Thursday 28th July 2016 we are introducing a simpler way to manage companies. Here is the list of changes:

When you create a company, you don't have to create a siteEach company has an address for you fill out (this used to be on the site)If you still need to group companies together, you now have the option of using a "company group".
What do I need to do?

There is nothing for you to do. All your existing company data has been automatically migrated to the new format. You might    notice that handling companies in intelligentcontract feels more simple. This message has only been sent to account "key users"    and administrators so you might get some questions from your users.

Problems or Questions?

More information can be found at intelligentcontract.com. You can also email us at support@ntelligentcontract.com or visit support.intelligentcontract.com to live chat or raise a new ticket.

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