Improvements to the way Security works with Intelligentcontract

The way that security groups are managed in Intelligentcontract has been improved. These improvements make the use of security groups easier to understand and use. These improvements will be available in your account from 12th December 2017. Please note that Security is available only on the Enterprise Plan.

If you would like help to implement security in your account please contact support by sending an email to or calling on +44 (0)333 344 3905.  

How does intelligentcontract security work?

Security is used to allow certain users to only see certain contracts (or documents, alerts or anything else) . Security groups are set up and  assigned to users and to contracts (or any other object). Users can then only see contracts in their assigned security group. You can additional then control whether users have full access to the contract (i.e read/write access) or only have read only access. You can give users a "default" security group so that any contracts that a specific user creates are automatically assigned to a specific security group. 

What Has Been Improved?

We have improved the way security groups work to make them easier to use and understand. Specific improvements are summarised below:

On Form "Security Group" Field

The "Security Group" that a particular contract belongs to has now been brought onto the main contract form. Being on the form means you user's can see which contract a group belongs to without having to click the icon to view the assigned security group.

"Security Group" field name can be changed

You are now able to change the name of the security group field. This is useful if your security is driven by a "feature" of your organisation. For example, you may have security set up in line with your organisation's departments. You can therefore change the name of the security group field to "Department" and then create security groups that reflect your departments. Now when a user chooses the department to assign to a contract they will also be choosing the appropriate security group.


Setting User Defaults have been simplified

On a user record it is now easier to set the default security group(s) for the user. Once the group or groups have been set for a user, whenever that user then creates a contract, the contract will be assigned to that security group. If you wish to assign default security groups for other objects (for example, reminders, parties) then click on the "show advanced options" button.


Will my existing security groups be Affected?

No. Any existing security groups you have will remain unaffected. The new "security group" field will be available for you to place on the contracts form (Admin ~ Customisation ~ Form Layouts) if you want to make it more obvious which security group a particular contract (or any other object) belongs to. 

Next Steps

You can find out detailed information about security groups in the following article: Security Groups

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