Improvements to the way Contract Values are Recorded

We have improved the way that contract values can be recorded and displayed within Intelligentcontract.

Simple Contract Values

For most Contracts using the standard Contract Value will be sufficient. You are able to specify a value for the Contract and then whether that value is a "one off" value or a regular amount, for example, monthly, annually, one-off.


For example, for a rolling Contract that has a value of £100 per month, you are able to specify exactly that charge. The screen below shows how this contract value can be specified.





Calculated Values

If you need to capture more detail about the value of a Contract then you can use the "Use Financials to Calculate Value". When this has been checked, the system will use the records in the Financials tab in order to calculate the value of the Contract.




Advanced Display Options

By clicking on "show advanced Options, you will be able to see additional features that allow you to control how the contract is displayed. You are presented with 4 display options:                                                            



You can choose one or more of these display options. So you are, for example, able to display an annual value along with the value "spent" on a Contract up to end of last month. 


What about contract values that I have already entered?

We have been careful to ensure any of your existing contract values are preserved. You will find that we have added an icon to each value that indicates whether you have specified a one-off, daily, monthly, quarterly, annual or a Life time value. You can edit these values if required to take advantage of the new feature.

When is this new functionality available?

The new functionality will be available in your account from Wednesday 16th August 2017. The functionality is available to customers who subscribe to Starter, Professional and Enterprise Plans.

More help?

You can find more detailed help here in the support centre using this link:



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