Introducing Two-Factor Authentication

Release: July 2016

Applicable plans: ALL

Its important that your account with remains secure. In line with other cloud based services we have introduced the option to secure your account with two-factor authentication?


What is Two-Factor Authentication?

By default, your account is accessed using a username (normally your email address) and a password. When a user switches on this feature for their account they will be prompted for a 6-digit number. This number is generated on a smart device and changes every 30 seconds. If the user types the correct number access is granted.  Username/password and this second level of security based on a 6-digit number is what is known as two-factor authentication.

Switching on Two-Factor Authentication

Each user has the option to switch on Two-factor authentication for their individual login. To switch on this feature:

Click on "logout card" and then the "My settings" link.

User Card

Figure1: Logout card

Click on "Manage two-factor authentication" and then click "Enable two-factor authentication" to activate this feature.Instructions on where to download the app for your smartphone device will be presented - the platforms iOS (iPhone), Android, Windows and BlackBerry OS are supported.    At this stage the user will need to download the app ready for use.A QR code (similar to the example shown below) will be presented on screen. While the downloaded app is open, the smartphone camera can be used to scan this code and set up the secure generator. The smartphone will now show the revolving 6 digit secure numbers.

QR Code

Figure 2: QR code

Enter one of the codes generated by the app into the input field and click "Submit". The account is now ready for two-factor authentication on next login.

Login Process

With two-factor authentication switched on, the process for logging into changes. Once a user has provided their username and password, the current 6 digit secure key must then be provided.

2 Factor Login Page

Figure 3: Two factor Authentication


Administrator - Switching Off Two-Factor Authentication

Although a user can turn off two-factor authentication on their account, administrators are able to do this on their behalf. This facility is provided in case a user loses or changes their device which generates the secure code or accidentally deletes the app.

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