Filtering contracts using 'OR', '<' and '>'

Released: June 2016

Applicable plans: ALL

We have introduced a new feature to make searching for contracts even more flexible. In each available search field you are now able to use: 'OR', '<' or '>'. These characters have the following effect:

For example, "Facilities OR Legal" will find all contracts that have the word "facilities" or "legal" as their value. You can string together as many 'OR's as required.
Search for values "less than" than the value provided. For example, "< 1000" in the value fields will search for contracts with a value less than 1000.
Search for values "more than" then value provided.

The screenshot in figure 1 shows a user searching for contracts using 'OR'. In this example the user is searching for contracts assigned to the "Liverpool" or "London" departments. Note that you don't have to type the whole word for the system to find matches.

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Figure 1: Searching using OR

All new features are automatically available to customers at no additional charge (subject to having a subscription to the applicable plan). 

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