New and Improved Interface

We have been working hard on the new version of and we are pleased to announce that the improved solution will go-live on Monday 27th March 2017. The screen shot below gives you a preview of how the new interface will look


New Contract Summary Form

What’s New

§ An improved interface design. Although the new interface will look different we haven’t changed the way things work. Key interface improvements:

o We’ve removed as much clutter as we can. We’ve taken out unused features and made things clear and consistent

o We’ve moved the menus to the left-hand side so as much vertical space is given to displaying your data

o We’ve sharpened up the icon images

o We’ve re-organised the Admin menu to group things in a more logical way

o We’ve made some of the buttons bigger and easier to click

§ Help System. We’ve introduced an online help system. Click the ? to access common questions or search our knowledgebase of documentation. We are adding more and more articles so please keep checking back.

§ Forums. We’ve introduced forums. Click the ? to access our knowledge base. There are forums for you to see up and coming new features (and vote for your favourite) or suggest new features. We’ve also got an “what’s new section” here for you to see the latest releases and a place for you to share your “tips and tricks” with other users.

§ Mobile Version. With the new interface comes the mobile version of intelligentcontract. Use any mobile or tablet device to access and the Mobile oprimised version will be displayed automatically.

§ Improved Search. We’ve worked hard to improve the search capability of Intelligentcontract. On every screen is the search bar. Enter at least 2 characters and instantly see matches everywhere in your data (including uploaded document content)



What Do I have to Do?

Nothing! Log in as normal on the 27th March and you will find you have access to the new interface automatically. All your data will have been transferred.

You will see a short introductory guide when you first login – this will help you find the things you need.

Problems or Questions?

More information can be found at You can also email us at or visit to live chat or raise a new ticket.

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