Online Training Now Available

We have developed a series of training videos that will help new users of Intelligentcontract. 

The videos are categorised into 3 areas:

Admin Training: This material is aimed at users who are nominated as admin users. Admin users are those users that are able to change the configuration of the intelligentcontract account, add users and other advanced tasks. This material can be found here:

Full User Training: The material in this folder is aimed at a regular full user of intelligentcontract. There are videos covering common tasks such as adding a new contract, creating reports, locating parties and setting alerts. This material can be found here:

Read only User Training: This material is aimed at those user that access intelligentcontract as a read-only user. The material covers common tasks such as finding people, contracts and parties as well as changing your password. Please find read-only user training here:

Let us know if there are any training topics you would like us to cover and we will be happy to focus on these areas!

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