Improvements to Password Management

We have adjusted the way that New Users are invited to join Intelligentcontract.  To improve security around the process and make it more convenient for Users we have updated the options that can be selected when setting the password for new Users. This also applies if an Administrator changes the password on behalf of a User.


When creating a New User the options for the password field have been updated:

  • Email a "Set Your password" link to the User - This option will send an email to the New User with a  link. When the User clicks the link they will first create their new password and then be logged into the system.
  • Specify a password (Note: User is NOT sent a notification -  This option allows you to enter a specific password on behalf of the User, but no email notification will be sent to them, the Administrator will manually (e.g. telephone)  inform the User the Password.



The aim of this change is make intelligentcontract more secure and more convenient for New Users.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to get in  touch on 0333 3443905 or

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